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Kite LandboardsKite Landboarding Information -Tutorials, Buyers Guide, & Tricks

Click Here to Watch a Video on Kite Landboarding and a Kite Buggy!

Kite Landboards are the newest radical way to get pulled by a kite! They can be used on any open flat terrain such as a park, soccer field, or open parking lot! You can kite landboard in lighter winds and with a much smaller kite than kiteboarding on the water. It is a great alternative when the water is too cold or the winds aren't strong enough for kiteboarding on the water!

For kite landboarding, it is best to use a large open field. Your local park, sports athletic facility, or even the local middle school is perfect. You can also use large open parking lots, dry lake beds. or packed sand beaches!

You can also use a longboard skateboard and a smaller kite and cruise across parking lots. Check out our incredible skateboards from MBS and Kahuna Creations.

Riders Guide for Kite Landboarding
Choosing the proper landboard can be confusing with so many models on the market today. I have compiled research from personal testing to talking with beginners and pros alike, to take all this expertise and make the following buyers guide for kite landboarding. It is presented in three price sections, good, better, and best choice. It is easier to use the best choice - ultimate kite landboards because the technology makes the board easier to use for all levels!

Best Choice - Ultimate Kite Landboard - is the MBS Jereme Leafe Pro 95 - Brand New Model for 2012! - this board will make it easier to learn and advance your skills faster by utilizing the highest quality components and technology!

Easiest landboard to use and the strongest! This landboard/mountainboard features a truck system that allows the board to turn at lower speeds making it easier to make adjustments in your angle with the kite and the wind. Super light and strong unidirectional carbon-fiber weave deck. The Pro line uses high-end components such as MBSí Matrix Pro Trucks, Rockstar Pro Hubs and Reverse Cap Construction (RCC) decks for a bullet-proof and precise ride.

Ultralight weight and designed for use as a KITE Landboard. It is our top pick here at!

Better Choice - All Around Kite Landboard -

MBS Core & Comp series Kiteboards for all around performance.

These are fantastic mountainboards/landboards and feature F4 Series Bindings and Power Lam Decks! Ranging in price from $369.95 to $469.95

For a kite landboard that is great all around and slightly more affordable, check out the MBS Comp 90, a great all around kite landboard.

For the best value, check out our Kite + Kite Landboard package featuring the MBS Core 90 kite land board.

Good Choice - Entry Level Kite Landboards

- Lower cost landboards, like the MBS Atom 90, is our most affordable landboard at only $169.95!

The Atom line of kite landboards/mountainboards is a great place to start exploring the sport of kite landboarding!

We recommend the Apex de-powering Kites or the Rush Pro 350 for the best power kite to use with the kite landboard.

Any questions, give me a call: Chris Moore 252-207-1639

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