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Complete Kiteboarding Packages with Kite and Board

Kite + Board PackagesI have put together these packages with our best selling kite(s) and board(s) to make an inclusive package at a special price for you. Browse the packages below and select the one that best fits your needs and price range.

No one kite excels at all disciplines, this is why kiteboarding companies will produce mulitiple kites & kiteboards. You need to try to choose what your riding style is and/or will be and then select the kite and the kiteboard that best matches your style of kiteboarding. Don't limit yourself to just one style. Many kiteboarders will have mulitple kiteboards and kites for different sessions. ie: A wave kite and kiteboard and a freestyle kite and kiteboard.

The below kite + board packages are already discounted, some of them have a savings of over $800.00!

For more info on any kite surfing equipment or lessons, contact:
Chris M. Moore

Choose your riding style by looking below:
  • Freeride - All Around Riding
  • Freestyle - Big Air and Kite Loop Tricks
  • Wakestyle - Unhooked Powered Pop Tricks
  • Wave - Surfing & Wave Riding
  • Light Wind - Optimized for riding in under 13mph
  • Race - Focused on Speed & Upwind Ability

    Freeride Kiteboarders - All Around Kiteboarding with no extreme focus on a specific style. This is the largest group of kiteboarders. Freeride kiteboarders enjoy soul riding with simple maneuvers, moderate jumps, & carving nice turns. If you don't know your kiteboarding style, you are probably a Freeride Kiteboarder.

    Equipment is focused on "stability" which allows the kite to fly with the most predictable behavior. Freeride kites are optimized for general ease of use.
    • The best choice for general use
    • Easiest kite to water re-launch
    • Most stable kite in flight - kite sits at the edge of the wind window without overflying or requiring you to micro-manage the kite.
    • The best choice for progressing your skills quickly

    We suggest the following kites and kiteboards as our top picks for Freeride Kiteboarders!
    Kites: The Cabrinha Vector Kites The RRD Obsession Kite
    Kiteboards We suggest the Placebo, Storm, or Crazy Fly All Around Kiteboards.

    Our RRD Placebo Kiteboard and Switchblade Kite Package is the best choice! -

    Freestyle - Aggressive style of kiteboarding with an emphasis on big air maneuvers with long hang time. Examples would be big lofty kite jumps, spins and flips, board off tricks, and kite loop tricks.

    We suggest the following kites and kiteboards as our top picks for Freestyle Kiteboarders!
    Kites: Ocean Rodeo Rise Venturi Kite or the RRD Obsession Kite.
    Kiteboards - We suggest the Crazy Fly Raptor kiteboard. The Crazy Fly Raptor kiteboard is optimized for Freestyle kiteboarders. The Raptor kiteboard is best for big air kiteboarding tricks!

    Our RRD Obsession + Bliss Kiteboard is the Best Choice!

    Wakestyle - Aggressive style of kiteboarding with an emphasis on unhooked tricks and powered pop tricks. The term wakestyle comes from the wakeboard type style of high powered tricks at lower altitudes that combine board "pop" and a kite that will set deeper in the wind window(more downwind) for constant power.

    Kites - Cabrinha Switchblade IDS Kites
    Kiteboards - Crazy Fly Raptor Pro Kiteboard - Optimized for the wakestyle kiteboarder. Shaped with progressive flex for amazing pop and to provide a softer landing.

    Our Cabrinha Switchblade + Shox Custom Kiteboard is the Best Choice!

    Wave - Focus is on surfing and wave riding. Kiteboarding in the waves/surf is easier with a kite that turns fast so you can turn the kite before you turn on the wave. This helps you stay on the wave. Wave/Surf kites also fly heavier off the back lines to prevent overflying and to keep the kite from back stalling when you ride towards the kite. Staying on the wave often means riding towards the kite and temporarily slacking the lines. Our Wave/Surf Package is perfectly suited for this style of riding?!

    Kites - Ocean Rodeo Razor Kites!
    Kiteboards - The Mako King Kiteboards are the best for wave riding!

    Light Wind kiteboarding Package - Optimized to ride in that 8-12mph winds that are typical in the summer months.

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